The Greatest Showman

I watched this astounding movie today, after hearing it’s playlist, which is perhaps one of the best I’ve ever heard. And here are my thoughts.

So bankrupt, young dreamer P.T. Barnum brings the dream of his life true-a show where he is the master. First, he makes it a museum, but since it has no life, it is a failure. Then he brings are weird people-a bearded woman, a tall man, a short man, a guy with full of tattoos etc..,-all those who were branded as “freaks”, he gives them a show and an audience, though the hate continues on them. He makes young Phil Carlisle his apprentice, who falls for the trapeze artist Ann in the show. But the coming of an opera artist, Jennifer Lind, and the reception she gets, changes Barnum, who leaves with her to tour her around America. Back here, the crew feels forsaken, and Phil is caught between his feelings for Ann and his parents who give importance to status and class. In a clash between the haters and the crew, their building is set on fire, right when Barnum returns in the middle of the tour rejecting Jennifer Lind who had fallen for him. Back home, his wife leaves him with their children. He feels lost, but the crew reminds him of his dreams again, and he gets his family back and his show back.

Hugh Jackman is just WAOW. No wonder in that. Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya… EVERYone just NAILED it.

It’s pretty much the dreamer story-fight, fight, fight throughout your life.

And yes, it doesn’t disappoint. Especially, the dance scene of Barnum and his wife Charity is my favorite. You’ll want to dance like them if you see that. And the song lyrics, beyond doubt, every song is the best, though my first favorite is “This is Me”, which is quite inspiring because that’s when the ostracized crew stop hiding themselves and step out in the common crowd.




Their family and children is just-beautiful. It’s everybody’s dream. And Phil and Ann, just became one of my OTPs. So yes, it was a lovely movie.



And… it gave me a question.



When Barnum leaves his crew with Jenny Lind for that reception, and then returns after his realization, but a picture of them kissing gets on every frontpage of the newspapers, makes his wife leave him back to her home. As usual, we have that, I dunno if it’s sexist, but something like the guy always running for the girl and the girl leaving at the slightest doubt. Yes, she missed him when he left. She didn’t want him to run behind the reception. But why did she have to leave him? It didn’t make sense to me. And in the end, family becomes important.

I mean, I don’t deny it. But a dreamer, I see in every movie, chases their dreams, becomes ambitious, because of which the family leaves, and the dreamer comes back to the family giving up everything because family is important.

I mean, this is impartial according to me. Yes, a dreamer will turn ambitious. They’ll start wanting money. And they’ll forget everything and run for it. Me personally, don’t find it wrong. I mean, why not? The world kept telling them money was everything. The world came partialising them. So yes, they will get an unconscious rage to get the money that everything said was important, to prove that they can.

What’s wrong if a scarred person turns selfish? Why should they be the one again running and running after anything? Why does the world warn such people, blackmail such people that their family will leave them, that they have to give up on their dreams if they need their family?

Family is everything, yes, but only they know how much they went through for that. And why should they be the one who fights all the time to get everything? Why didn’t the movie go this way: Charity went out to help the crew, Charity waited at the doorstep of their house with their children because the bank was evicting them, Charity was there for him again? Why not like that? Every curse that the dreamer receives, he has to see it true, that everyone else is true and right than them?

No offense but… only this kinda irked me.

Do watch the movie for a wonderful treat for the eyes and ears.

I’ve added this upcoming part because I missed important moments in the movie, and can’t stop talking or thinking about it!


Oh, I really do love Charity and Barnum’s love. It was only the last part I kinda hated. I fell in love with them at this scene: the circus building is on fire, Phil had gone inside thinking Ann was inside, but she isn’t, and thus Barnum decided to save him. He gets that insane look in his eyes, and the moment Charity looks at him, she knows what he was going to do. I LOVE that.


And this part where the song “This is Me” ends. WHOA. That is ONE spectacular song seriously.


And I’m OBSESSED with Phil and Ann. Honestly. You’ll want their kinda of love.


The way Ann reacts at Phil after she realizes he is also just one another guy who’ll leave her for who she is.vlcsnap-error764

And Phil…vlcsnap-error324.png

I mean, I can’t stop obsessing, and sure you can’t help falling in love with this movie.

Every time you watch it, you’ll always want to come back to watch it again because it just… remains fresh. I guess that’s what makes a musical special.

So yeah.

Take care and see you soon.


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